In the current climate where the demand for veterinary service exceeds the veterinary team’s capacity, attracting and retaining top talent is a key factor in your hospital’s financial success. 

Research reveals today’s veterinary team members value more than financial compensation, they want to work for organizations that:

  • Have a strong vision and purpose that aligns with their core values
  • Recognize employees unique situation and offer flexible scheduling and benefits
  • Invest in their people through mentorship and training programs
  • Make health and wellness a priority
  • Are committed to creating a just, equitable workplace
  • Contribute to the greater good of their community, society and the world

Leaders need to create an environment that supports both people and the bottom line.

Not sure where to start? Let’s have a conversation about the vision you have for your hospital culture and the current challenges you face.

Evolve can design a workshop or training series to bring people together and support new ways of interacting to strengthen your team.

Possible workshop and team training topics include:

A learning organization: how a mentorship program can benefit everyone

Understanding communication styles

The foundation of team success: trust and safety

A coach approach to leadership and reducing team conflict

Build your happiness muscle: wellness and resilience reframed

Imposter Syndrome

Aligning vision, values and purpose to build healthy hospital culture


Great meetings don’t just happen, they are designed. Elaine has completed training in graphic facilitation as well as the Art of Hosting and can help you engage in deep dialogue around topics that matter.

  • Strategic Planning
  • Team Retreats
  • Vision Setting
  • Group Coaching
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Wake Up

2 hours

Dive into a specific topic with your team and let Evolve deliver training that is relevant, timely and customized to fit your unique needs.

Includes initial consultation, preparation time and materials as well as onsite or virtual workshop delivery.

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Find Your Focus

6 hours

Partner meeting, board retreat, team collaboration session? Evolve can help facilitate challenging conversations, create clarity and build consensus for your team. Let’s create a plan to that brings your future into focus.

Includes initial consultation, preparation time and materials as well as onsite or virtual workshop delivery.


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Power Planning

8 hours

Are you at a fork in the road and need clarity about the path forward? Perhaps you’re ready to implement a cultural change initiative in your hospital? Let Evolve facilitate a strategic planning workshop and co-create a roadmap to move you forward with confidence. 8 hours of facilitation typically delivered over 2 days.

Includes initial consultation, preparation time and materials as well as onsite or virtual workshop delivery.


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Maintain the Momentum

How will you stay on track and accountable to the roadmap created during our strategic planning session? How can you maintain the momentum and prevent unexpected challenges from derailing your plan?

To provide the support needed to meet your goals, Evolve offers an add on package of three 60 minute coaching sessions to all workshop and facilitation clients.

Coaching sessions to be used within 90 days of initial project workshop.


"Working with Elaine is a true pleasure and has proved to be an immense asset for our international veterinary organization.

Elaine facilitated a 2-day coaching session with our nonprofit board of directors, and she fit in seamlessly not only as a facilitator, but also as a knowledgeable colleague.

Her playful demeanor coupled with an intentional and skillful approach encouraged our team to openly explore our communication styles while making meaningful progress on our strategic development.

Elaine guided us towards improved goal setting by helping us break down big-picture concepts into manageable steps. Achieving this kind of forward momentum can often be challenging with a group of strong leaders, commonly found in nonprofit boards and corporate structures alike.

In our time with Elaine, she helped our team navigate our immediate needs, but more importantly, she helped us better develop our professional toolkit for future decision-making, communication, and intentional growth.

Her infectious positivity, humor, and informed approach made our board training an incredibly valuable use of our time and resources.

We look forward to continued coaching with Elaine and would highly recommend her services to any individual or team wishing to pursue a more effective, congenial, and robust model of leadership."
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Executive Director, Equitarian Initiative

Let’s build a program unique to your practice and your people.