One-on-One coaching

Are you frustrated, stuck or unsure of the next steps towards your goals and the life you want? A coach is a trusted partner who can help you find the clarity, focus, and accountability to strengthen your inner game and accelerate your progress. 

Athletes at the top of their game did not get there alone. They had talent, were willing to step up and do the work AND they had the help of a great coach. Coaching is an investment of time, energy and money into your own growth and development.     

I offer a complimentary 60 minute FIT session prior to registering for a coaching package. This gives us the opportunity to explore what you hope to achieve through coaching. If after this session, you feel Evolve is not a good fit for your needs, no problem, let’s find you someone that is.

Confidence Kickstart

3 coaching sessions

Three 60 minutes sessions designed to help you explore a specific personal or professional challenge and create a plan to move forward with confidence.


Creating Clarity

6 coaching sessions

Six 60 minute sessions delivered to help you focus on your target, gain clarity on what’s needed to take action and develop a plan that fast tracks you toward your goals.


Development Deep Dive

12 coaching sessions

Twelve 60 minute sessions developed to support you through bigger transformational change while you explore your definition of success. Discover the tools and habits you need to build a sustainable life custom designed by you.


"Elaine brings a great deal of real life experience to her coaching and consultation work. She is a clear thinker, she helps you come to the answers you are seeking through her insightful coaching style. She is easy to talk to, professional and knows when to give you a nudge and when to let you explore. Her positivity is infectious and any veterinary team that is looking to make a difference and lead their team would be far ahead in being coached by Elaine."
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RVT & Executive Director Canadian Animal Assistance Team
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My promise:

As a coach I am here in service of you and your goals. If I feel coaching is not in your best interest, I will tell you. If I cannot help you, I will recommend someone who can. I will not “sell” you something you do not need and I bring the same values of honesty and integrity from my career as a veterinarian to my new role as coach. 

Coaching is not for everyone. If you are looking for a quick fix, want someone to tell you what to do or need mental health support, I am not the coach for you. While I care deeply about the mental health and wellbeing of veterinarians and their teams, I am not qualified to help with mental illness or psychological disease and will refer you to someone who is.

My role is a cheerleader, a thought partner and sometimes a challenger while providing a safe space to think differently about a situation, tackle your biggest challenge and create a plan to achieve the vision you hold for your future.

"Evolve Coaching was an amazing and invaluable experience. I chose Evolve Coaching to help improve my self awareness, my communication skills and my confidence in my profession as a veterinarian.

With Elaine’s unique understanding of veterinarians, and of the veterinary profession, she was able to help me dissect and tackle many of the unique challenges I face on a daily basis.

Working with Elaine, I have gained new strategic tools that have left me feeling empowered and confident. I now find myself feeling less drained after a day of work, my attitude is improved and I have become someone others can turn to for support and encouragement.

Overall I am more confident as a leader and as veterinarian, and I would recommend Evolve Coaching with Elaine to anyone who wants to improve themselves and to achieve their goals!"
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Schedule a complimentary 60 min FIT session and explore the benefits of coaching.