Working with Evolve

Leadership is about more than what you do. It is about how you show up and inspire the people around you.

Evolve works with all levels of leaders in veterinary medicine regardless of position or title.


I will ensure your experience is fun, engaging and relevant to you! Evolve’s workshops, leadership training, one-one-one coaching and speaking events are custom-designed to help individuals and teams:

Develop increased confidence

Discover your strengths and leverage them in your leadership role

Understand healthy boundaries and how to create them

Find tools to manage challenging conversations

Build strategies to manage your time and prioritize your “to do” list

Explore your core values and the power of alignment with your values at work and at home

Have the courage and conviction to stand strong in the face of difficult decisions

Whether coaching or consulting, Evolve likes to begin at the end.

We start by asking what success at the end of our engagement will look like for you or your organization. What do you hope to accomplish and why does it matter?

We then build a program based on the 3 P’s of organizational development with specific attention to:


What is your vision, aspirations and who do you hope to become? Either as an individual or an organization.


What conversations are needed to enlist and engage key relationships and partners in your vision?


We will develop a timeline and strategy to move you confidently towards the goals identified.

Evolve will check in regularly to ensure you stay on track as you work towards the vision you hold for yourself or your organization.

We are committed to flexible delivery options that work for you. Evolve’s services are available in person, virtually via zoom or via teleconference.

One-on-one Coaching

A long-whiskered cat is staring directly at the camera. Behind it, a circle of people appear to be engaged in a team-building activity; each person standing behind someone and writing on a sheet of paper on their backs.

Facilitation & Team Training

Elaine is taking a group selfie with a diverse group: three women and three men of different ethnicities sitting with her are smiling at the camera

Leadership Communities for Experienced & Emerging Leaders

Speaking at your Event

"Someone once asked me what Elaine’s 'secret sauce' is and I wholeheartedly answered 'Elaine is Elaine’s secret sauce'.

Her practical, team focused and inspiring attitude has had such a positive impact on my own leadership journey. I am extremely thankful to have the opportunity to work with her.

Elaine has helped me gain strength in perspective taking, both personally and professionally, which has allowed me to grow as a leader as well as feel more grateful and fulfilled in my life. Thanks Elaine for all your hard work!"
Morgan Stevenson, DVM, is wearing a blue tshirt and smiling at the camera while she holds a dog.
DVM, Shuswap Veterinary Clinic
Evolve believes changing the culture of our veterinary hospitals is critical to the future of our profession and the wellness of our people. When your people thrive, your organization thrives.

Evolve knows true change starts and ends with leadership. Engaged, empowered and thriving teams don’t just happen. It takes leaders who are collaborative, curious and willing to challenge their existing mindset to find new solutions to current challenges.

Evolve can help you build your “leadership toolbox” and develop skills to inspire, connect and empower your team through shared purpose and values.

Evolve wants to be the spark that inspires veterinary leaders to connect with their heads, their hands and their hearts to create workplaces where all our people can thrive.

Are you ready to Evolve?