Helping leaders connect with their values, define their purpose and transform their hospital culture.

Coaching, facilitation and leadership training designed to inspire, engage and empower veterinary teams.

I am Elaine, founder of Evolve Leadership Coaching and Consulting.


I am a veterinarian, values-based leadership consultant and a certified executive coach.

l feel like I am one of the lucky ones who, after 30 years, still loves veterinary medicine. I want to help others find their purpose and their passion in this demanding profession. I understand the challenges and the importance of not losing yourself in the process.

I am a connector who believes in the power of curiosity, listening and empathy in building enduring relationships and growing a leadership community of positive, change makers in veterinary medicine.

Let’s work together to make veterinary medicine both fulfilling and fun!

Our profession is facing many challenges without clear solutions.

From staffing shortages in the face of overwhelming demand for our services to keeping pace with changing technology and meeting the expectations of our google informed clients – the landscape of veterinary medicine is constantly changing.

When the path forward is uncertain it is easy to default to the way we have always done things. But here’s the catch, the way we have always done things, isn’t working. Too many people in our profession are struggling. It’s time to try something new and…

  • explore potentially limiting mindsets and attitudes 
  • leverage the collective knowledge of your team
  • move past needing to have the right answers and start asking the right questions

At the end of the day, if leaders are not actively engaged in creating the culture they want, they will be forced to live with a culture of default.  

"Elaine is a breath of fresh air in the veterinary industry. She is one of only a few that still speaks highly of her career. The veterinary industry is an emotional roller coaster and Elaine has experienced those ups and downs and has chosen to guide her fellow colleagues to more fulfillment and pride in their profession."
RVT - Partner, Prince George Veterinary Hospital

Transforming the culture of veterinary medicine one team at a time!